A very friendly cat, who became friends with a litter of kittens rather than disturbing them

Amazing relationships between a dog and the roommate’s kittens

Many dog owners consider, that as most dogs despise cats they don’t have good relationships. But in reality some dogs are so friendly, that they will have good relationships with almost every animal.

This is a sweet dog named Bubble, who adores playing with kittens. Bubble is very sweet and loving. The woman named Becca saved the dog from the shelter and adopted it.

Becca’s roommate adopted a litter of kittens, that were abandoned. And the dog’s reaction to the kittens was a real surprise for Becca and her roommate. Rather than disturbing the kittens he befriended them all.

And thanks to his love with kittens he became a big brother for them, as he wanted to take care of them and protect them until they were adopted. And the owner submitted the adoption applications to many rescue groups.

An organisation told, that a kitten was looking for a permanent home after she applied for the adoption. Isn’t it adorable? This is one of the stories proving, that different animals can be best friends.

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