A dog and a squirrel became close and the dog acted like a real mother

Adorable friendship, that started from a stroll

A sweet story about how dogs, regardless pf their upbringing have solace for all animals. No one thought, that a pit bull named Everly would become a good friend just being on a stroll.

And this is how it happened. The dog changed a lot thanks to his owner’s love and kindness, becoming friendly and caring, being able to show his best qualities.

And when the dog went for a walk through the woodland park, he saw a tiny squirrel. She was interested and started to sniff the animal. And as the squirrel escaped from her nest, Lia started locating another one.

The tiny squirrel went after the dog to the house, but the mother wasn’t there. The pit bull acted like a real mother for the squirrel all the time and became close friends with her.

And the dog considered to take the squirrel to nature.

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