«Walked 2800 kilometers to hug his granny»: The long-waited reunion of this boy with his grandmother touched everyone

This heroic boy walked almost 3000 kilometers to see his granny.

Meet this kind-hearted schoolboy who left their town on June 20 in order to walk to Phil with his father so as to visit his grandmother named Rosemary.

As a result, they successfully crossed the territory of Switzerland, Italy and France and their incredible journey turned out to be a challenging, but priceless experience.

They had to walk through mountains, wild forests riding their bicycles and sailing across rivers.

The father with the son slept wherever they had a chance. It could be in hostels, churches and even campsites.

And eventually, on the 93th day of their journey, they finally reached her house and the boy had a chance to meet his precious granny.

Their long-waited meetings definitely succeeded and their heart-felt reunion didn’t let any single one remain indifferent.

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