The kitties were discovered with their mother, who were seriously underweight

Beautiful small kitties were saved and given food

A kitty with her babies were discovered behind a warehouse. One of them was close with the girl’s mother. Another animal rescuer told the woman about a stray kitty with her babies. The rescuer found a cat family living behind a warehouse.

The kitties began to get out of their hiding places one by one when she carried food. They were grazing on food as they were famished. It was discovered, that the mother cat was almost five years old. When she and her babies appeared, she was clearly underweight. They had some health issues and were dirty and weak.

The woman told, that there was no food available, so they ate leaves and grass.

The mother cat’s presence helped the frightened babies to come out of their hiding places. She made them sure they are safe.

The woman told, that when they found the kittens they were almost eight weeks old, which amazed them as the mother cat was really underweight. And one of the babies was quieter and smaller than others.

She usually massages and touches her mother. We’ve found out, that there’s always a baby, who needs his mother to give a little more attention to him.

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