The young boy showed an exciting reaction, when he was reunited with his lost pet

What an emotional reaction!

Meet Finnie, a devoted cat, who is strongly connected with the family son Andrew and never imagines his life separately.

But one day something terrible happened, when the catty immediately vanished. Nina, the mother, searched for him everywhere, even she posted his story on social media in a hope of finding him quickly.

No one gave them any information about the catty until someone informed them that their beloved pet was found. He was noticed on the street. Later it turned out that the catty had been close to his house.

Nina was so excited to return their lovely animal and couldn’t wait anymore to see him again. Fortunately, Finnie was safe and harmless. It seemed that he had kept him secretly in the neighbourhood until his owners would find him.

When Nina took the catty, she organised an exciting meeting between her son and Finnie. No one could describe how happy the boy was to see his feline friend. His reaction was really heartbreaking! It was the best gift he had ever got!

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