A sweet animal couple, that fell in love with one another at first sight

Adorable love between a turtle and a dog, who adored one another’s company 

These two adorable animals were adopted by the same caring family. They linked from the beginning. The owner of the animals told, that they became close friends just immediately. They befriended with one another for some reason.

They were introduced to one another and it was love at first sight. And now they are almost inseparable. Now they are always together and spend the whole day together. They like doing everything and going everywhere together.

The dog adores to show how much he loves his brother. He adores giving his beloved brother kisses, but the most preferred way of showing his love is giving the turtle his most prized possessions-sticks.

The owner of the dog told, that every time the dog finds a stick he takes it to his beloved turtle.

The dog gives the turtle his stick, while the turtle appears to be uninterested. Although the turtle doesn’t seem to like the stick as much as his brother, the dog continues to bring it to him.

He adores the sticks and his brother, so he considers it is perfect to mix the two. Despite the turtle dislikes sticks, he adores his brother. While he is with his brother, nothing else matters.


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