The rescued kitten started to love his life thanks to the care and kindness of his canine friend

Everything seemed easy next to the caring dog!

When Kendal Benken, a volunteer at a shelter, found a stray kitten on the street, she hurried to save him. She named him Betty and covered him with a warm towel.

Because the kitten was so tiny, it was difficult to hold him in her arms, so the towel was the best option to avoid hurting him.

The woman took the baby home and offered him food and drink. The catty was confused and scared, but he accepted the food with happiness.

She put Betty in the cage of the family dog named Truvy. For the kitten everything around him seemed so strange besides the cute doggy, who immediately gained the feline’s attention.

Truvy approached his new sibling to socialise with him and it was nice for the tiny kitten. Surprisingly, he wasn’t afraid of the doggy and greeted him with happiness. Thanks to the canine’s great efforts, Betty adapted to his new environment easily.

Now the kitten has a forever family and enjoys his life with his new caring owners. But he never forgets what his canine friend did for him and is so grateful to him for being by his side during the difficult period.

As for his foster mother, she frequently contacts with the cat’s actual owners and asks for some photos of his daily life.

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