The family cat not only didn’t stop robbing the neighbors, but also increased his work

In the neighborhood he is known as the «furry felon»

You have probably never heard about a cat, who robs the neighbours. Here we present to you such a crazy feline, whose only occupation is stealing stuffs from the people in their neighbourhood.

He lives with his loving owners Rachel Drouet and Paul Edwards. He is provided with everything he needs, so the parents cannot understand why he does such an awful thing.

When the couple moved to another house, they thought that the catty would stop robbing the new neighbours, but they were wrong…

Theo not only didn’t stop doing his favourite work, but also enlarged it. Once he returned home with a bag of money.

The owners were shocked to see it. In the bag they found $26, but how it appeared in his paw, they couldn’t understand.

Later it turned out that one of their neighbours put it in front of the door as payment for his services.

Now the whole neighborhood knows him. If something goes missing, they know where to go. The furry felon certainly knows its place.

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