How and what to eat in order not to get older: Here are three secrets to youth by the Japanese people

Japanese women shared their secrets to how to maintain your beauty and youth

The Japanese people have elaborated a special ideology of life thanks to which they effortlessly manage to stay young and beautiful at an old age. These are three simple and useful rules of eating that will help everyone maintain their youth.

Did you notice that the majority of Japanese women still look youthful and beautiful even at an old age? They, in fact, look much younger that their European peers. The whole thing is that they use several rules of eating in order to slow the aging process. Here are their three secrets to how to maintain one’s youth and beauty.

The absence of milk products in the staple diet

It is believed that milk and milk products badly affect the condition of our skin, that’s why many experts recommend to stop drinking milk after 40-45. This is actually one of the reasons that the Japanese look young even at an old age.

The meal is served almost raw

The other secret is that the Japanese almost always eat food without frying or cooking it a lot. They choose the freshest products and mostly eat raw fish.

They eat with the help of sticks

Instead of forks they use special sticks thanks to which they end up eating less than, for example, the Europeans. Eating with the help of sticks helps their digestion work better and makes people enjoy the meal. Due to this method, almost all Japanese people weigh the same.


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