The family never gave up hope of finding their lost dog, and one day something amazing happened

What an unexpected revelation!

When the owners found out that their beloved pet Chan had been lost, they immediately posted it on social media asking people for help.

The family didn’t succeed to find the dog for six months, but they never lost hope of finding him. One day they saw a post on the shelter’s website that three canines had been found. But after a short time, they were informed that one of them had already found a forever home.

The adopters fell in love with the dog and immediately adopted him. They took him to a vet for checkup and then brought him home. They named the dog Kendo.

But some kind people recognised the canine and realised it was Chan and informed their parents that the dog had been found.

Finally, the cute dog was reunited with his loving owners and when he met them, began to wag his tail. The cutie jumped into their arms and gave them lots of hugs and kisses.

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