A touching story of a puppy, who patiently waited for his owner and best friend

The story of a puppy, which became popular and helped him locate a new loving home

In January a passerby saw the puppy on the street and took it to the shelter. Even experienced workers of the shelter were amazed by the dog’s behaviour.

The dog sits all day long gazing out of the window, and it seems he is waiting for someone to take him. The shelter wrote on Facebook: «He stretched his body every time someone passes and drops when he understands the person is gone».

It was clear, that the puppy wasn’t a homeless one, but later it was discovered, that his owner was an old man, who had recently passed away. The dog had not only lost his owner, but also his best friend, with whom he shared a house.

The dog’s story became popular on the Internet. Almost 2000 people wrote comments on the dog’s story. The shelter asked people to share his story on their website in order to assist the dog locate a home.

And almost 3000 people read the story, which helped a lot. And in the end of January the great news arrived: the puppy’s new owners had been found. But before finding the puppy’s new owner the staff of the shelter had to review all applications for around seven hours. The shelter is happy for one of its residents future and hopes, that the new owner will heal all his scars.

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