A sweet stray kitten was adopted by a house cat and cared for

A kind woman took the kitten from the street and saved her from the freezing cold 

The woman began placing food near her house to take a cat into a safe place. The woman organised a cat trap as she wanted to save the cat, because it was becoming chilly outside.

And soon after that the woman saw, that three kittens appeared next to the food. A black kitten was one of them and she appeared to like the woman’s house cat and wanted to approach her.

She went to the front door and stood next to the window to look inside. The grey cat was waiting there while the other two ran away.

It is obvious, that this family was taken. The tiny kitten was very hungry after a little welcome with the house cat. The woman took the kitten to the house and gave her a comfortable bed.

The kitten was examined, neutered and adopted by a loving woman, who carried on helping other cats in the neighbourhood.

Isn’t this story amazing?

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