Local people placed sticks and tree branches next to the dog’s monument

An unusual ritual to remember their lost pets

The cemetery workers removed a lot of sticks from the animal’s burial. But they don’t seem to mind, as they understand why people give him gifts.

The puppy named Rex passed away almost hundred years ago. But local people still remember the friendly dog of a nearby fruit vendor. And the city’s most popular dog’s monument was created from bronze.

Recently the photos of the dog’s burial appeared on the Internet. It became known, that local people lay sticks and tree branches next to his memorial. Many Internet users were interested in this and wanted to be informed why people were doing so.

Then one commentator wrote, that the sticks were a tribute to a particular dog, that the grandparents had thought their grandchildren about.

And also local people, who had lost their canines visited the dog’s cemetery. They suborn his bronze duplicate with sticks to behave like their beloved animals until they can see them again.

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