Everyone must be responsible for the dogs they adopt: a story about a little dog who was adopted only as a guard  

Any creature in this world should be loved and respected

Animals, as people, need to get some emotions to feel accepted. Anyone who has thought to adopt any kind of animal must take this into account.

The article is about Pip, a dog full of energy, who wasn’t loved as much as it should be. Pip was a guard for the family and couldn’t move out of the borders the family put. This didn’t disturb him to show love to people passing by. He played with approaching people but there was no reaction from his family.

After some period special workers noticed it and saved Pip from the cruel family.

This gave Pip the opportunity to behave himself as he wanted.

Only several days were needed to find a new magnificent family for him.

Happy to announce that Pip is living his best life now.

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