Amazing hairstyle and wonderful outfits made this puppy quite popular all over the world

She’s not an ordinary dog, she’s an internet star!

Although this adorable canine is an Internet sensation and many people are attracted by her beauty, she had some difficulties in the past.

When her owners brought her home from the shelter and took her to a vet, it turned out that she had a disease, for which the family had to pay much money. Because the owners didn’t have money to give for the dog’s treatment, they decided to find new owners for her, despite the fact that they loved her a lot.

When her new owner saw her, she fell in love with her at once. She found something unique in the puppy and gave her much love and care.

The woman was captured by the dog’s amazing hairstyle and decided to take a photo of her and shared it on social media. Since then the career of the sweet animal began and she became everyone’s favourite. Cool bow ties, sparkly sweaters, and even funky glasses! – That’s what made the cutie popular.

After some time, the owner created an Instagram account for her pup and began to share many interesting photos of her daily routine. The sweetie began to receive advertising invitations and became a real star.

Now this wonder has a large number of clothes and accessories. When she goes for a walk with her owner, everyone on the street stops to take photos of her or just to pet her fluffy head.

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