«The icon is here!»: The fans couldn’t take their eyes off Rihanna who brilliantly performed at Super Bowl disclosing her pregnancy

Rihanna sang during Super Bowl and left her fans speechless revealing her pregnancy

Traditionally, during the break of the final game of the National Football League in the US some world-class performers entertain the audience. At different times Lady Gaga, Madonna and a number of other legendary stars appeared on the stage.

And this time, in 2023, it was iconic singer Rihanna who became the queen of Super Bowl.

It should be noted that Rihanna performed on stage for the first time in five years which was a great surprise and delight not only for her fans, but also her co-stars and colleagues. Supermodel Cara Delevingne ironically added.

«It’s strange that Rihanna’s performance is interrupted by a football game».

And British singer Adele in her turn shared that she actually came for Rihanna’s brilliant performance, not for a football match. Here, it is relevant to mention that among the attenders were Paul McCartney, Bradley Cooper, Jay Z and many others.

The outstanding performer perfectly emphasized her relatively big tummy with her gorgeous scarlet outfit making it quite obvious that she was pregnant again shortly after the birth of her son. She was dressed in a Loewe jumpsuit and Alaia jacket.

The network users became aware of the fact that Rihanna and her are expecting their second baby.

There is no need to say that absolutely everyone there was delighted with the happy news being unable to stop admiring the iconic star.

All people there soon started to wonder whether Rihanna’s next performance would be in the near future or not.


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