A Stray Cat Brought Her Kitten to a Girl and Taking Him in Her Arms the Girl Understood the Reason for This Behavior 

Once a girl named Jamie noticed a stray cat in her yard.  The animal didn’t want to have a contact with her and the girl decided not to rush.  She began to leave food for the catty in her yard. It worked and the kitty began to come more often.

 It lasted long enough before the kitty allowed herself to be touched for the first time.  This is how this incredible friendship was created and the trust between animals and humans grew stronger and stronger. 

They became best friends!

 And one day the cat came to Jamie with a gift in her teeth.  It was a lovely ginger kitten. The girl understood that the catty wanted the girl to take him.

 Looking closely she understood the reason for this.  The cute baby had a broken leg and  his cat mom knew that only Jamie could help him.

 When the kind girl took the baby to the veterinary clinic doctors made not a very pleasant diagnosis: a fracture of the leg and fibula.  The baby was given a plaster cast and he had to walk in it for three weeks.

 The baby turned out to be very strong and bravely coped with these difficulties.  

 The beauty was named Milo. Now she lives in his new house and Jamie loves him with all her heart.

 Sometimes his mother kitty also visits them.  The girl thought to shelter her too, but she turned out to be very a freedom lover.

 “I think she’s just used to living a free life,” says Jamie.

 “Milo is the best thing that has happened to me in my life.  And I am very grateful to his mother for the trust “

 The girl justified the trust of a street cat and found such a wonderful pet as a result. Such a wonderful story! 

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