«Stopped hiding their relationship»: Outstanding singer Billie Eilish and her boyfriend Jesse Rutherford attended the Super Bowl

The attention of the Super Bowl attenders was drawn to Billie Eilish and her boyfriend

Incredibly talented, outstanding and popular singer and songwriter of an American origin is currently dating Jesse Rutherford, the brilliant vocalist of the band The Neighborhood.

The couple is no longer trying to keep their romantic relationship a secret. They attended the Super Bowl and danced during Rihanna’s iconic performance. They were spotted together joking, rendering and showing tenderness towards each other.

The well-known singer chose a white oversize blouse, Gucci shorts and a fashionable scarf completing her interesting outfit with stylish sunglasses and a baseball cap.

She attended the show alongside with her chosen one and, at the end, they walked to their car accompanied by the security guards.

It should be mentioned that the Eilish and Jesse started dating in October, last year. Here, it is relevant to mention that the vocalist is 11 years older than the star.

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