A smart dog, who saved his owner from a serious danger

The dog became his owner’s guardian angel

Imagine you want to go on a vacation. You have already packed your luggage, bought your tickets and are ready to depart, when suddenly you understand your passport has been damaged. And this is what happened with Kiwi.

The Taiwanese girl considered to travel to China, but her dog fully changed her plans. The dog was sitting next to his owner with a guilty looking face and the passport was damaged and unable to be restored.

It took some time until Kiwi understood how amazing service the dog had provided: but at first she was very sad. A few days later the epidemic reached a high level as no one knew what kind of virus it was or how to cure it.

It is unknown what would have happened if she had gone to China during an epidemic. She told, that her caring dog’s prank has saved her life from a serious danger.

Then she praised the animal and apologized to him. Now she considers the dog is her guardian angel.

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