A real-life fairy tale: Little foxes make their home under grandmother’s porch

The curious foxes, that enjoyed playing under the grandmother’s porch

The animals are so adorable. Animals are very intelligent and they know where to go when they want safety and acceptance.

The best season for animals to examine their surroundings is summer. The grandmother lives next to the woods and it’s a usual thing for her to see wild animals next to her house. And one day her guest was a little red fox, who ran under her porch.

They are just adorable.

The woman captured them and sent to her nephew, who posted it on the Internet. And the next day the same little fox came back with a sibling to play under the porch. And even one of them went close to the glass door and licked it. Little foxes are very curious, but also very shy and this story is an exception.

It seemed as if it was a fairy tale.

And also mother fox often comes to the grandmother’s house with or without the little foxes. She patiently waits for her babies to play under the porch and when it is time to go they eagerly went back to the woods.

Sweet little animals!

What a sweet scene. The adorable baby foxes.

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