The patient asked the nurse to take her dog to a shelter after she left the world, but the nurse had other plans

The patient’s last wish came true

This woman with a sweet smile is Kimberly, who is a nurse at a hospital in Georgia. She formed a strong bond with the dog of one of her patients, and it proved fatal for her.

The sick woman only had a dog, neither relative, nor friend, so she was so worried about her beloved pet after she would leave the world.

She asked the nurse, with whom she had developed a close relationship, to take the dog to a shelter, where he would feel safe and protected. The compassionate woman didn’t want to take the poor canine to the shelter thinking that it would be challenging for him. So she decided to adopt him.

It was the best thing she could do for her sick friend.

The owner’s last wish came true and her dog remained safe and protected even after her death. She left the world with a calm heart, leaving her beloved pet in the safe hands.

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