A sweet kitty with special requirements, who quickly learned to walk on its two rear legs

Adorable relationships between an owner and a kitty with special needs

The kitty named Pali has many common characteristics with other cats. She adores eating, playing and going to the bathroom. She also sleeps most pf the day like other cats.

But Pali is different. She was born without her two front legs. Happily Milo saw the kitty and took her home. And as he had never had a kitty with special needs, he didn’t know how to treat the animal.

But Milo soon found another two legged cat named Mercury, who was very popular on the Internet and became motivated by his story. Pali quickly became older and blossomed under skilled hands.

The cat quickly learned to walk on its two rear legs. Pali also started playing her own game. When she gets tired, she extends to her maximum height and coils her back into a C shape.

Milo told, that the kitty even doesn’t understand she’s unusual. She’s very rude and the owner often misses her when she’s away. And the kitty always welcomes the owner with happiness.

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