The name of this dog every passer-by could guess, and all because it’s colour suggests the correct answer

A 4-year-old mongrel from Pakistan goes for a walk and catches surprised looks from passers-by. It’s all because of his colour, that he got from the nature. On the dog’s face, around the eyes, there are two black spots, that look like a mask. Thanks to this feature, the mongrel got its nickname. Guess the name of this cutie?!

Nature has awarded this white cat with a black mask, that hides its face

Passers-by are always paying attention to it. Some of them doesn’t believe, that spots are natural, and think, that the owner painted the dog specially.

It’s a real Zorro mask!

The rest of the dog’s coat is completely white, which makes the spots more visible and expressive.

The owner didn’t think ling, how to name his pet

29-year-old man Usman Khan from Pakistan,

immediately saw in his pet a resemblance to a famous character, and the question of choosing was decided by itself. Zorro became the best and only option. Usman says, that strangers, not knowing the name of the dog, guess it accurately.

One to one

Maybe this dog is hiding from someone and doesn’t want to show his face. During the day he serves his owner, and at night she goes out and helps stray dogs. Edakiy Zorro in an animal world! Only now it can’t take her mask off, and therefore we will never know, who she really is.

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