Appearing in the most unlikely places, the crazy cat never misses the opportunity to remain unnoticed

How he appears in such unlikely places remains unknown

Meet Lucky, a funny cat, who plays hide-and-seek with his owner, without expecting that it entertains only him, because the owner concerns about him when he disappears at once.

Lucky has an Instagram account with hundreds of followers, who enjoy to watch the fantastic photos of his daily life.

The cutie has a lot of interests, but playing hide-and-seek is his favourite. He enjoys to hide in everything, some of which seem strange for his owner.

Denise, his beloved human, loses him from time to time and finds him in impossible places. This amuses the cat and he starts finding weirder places to hide. Even, one day he hid in a vase, and Denise looked for him for hours until he jumped out of it.

Lucky was Denise’s friend’s pet, but, unfortunately, he passed away after a car accident and Denise brought the cat home to care for and as a memorial to his friend.

The catty is happy to have such a loving and caring owner, who fills the gap of his previous owner.

Lucky is a wonderful pet, who always keeps his human happy and funny. No one can feel upset next to the cat, because he spreads joy and happiness around.

He is very friendly and sociable. Creating new companions with others is his favourite occupation.

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