The blind dog couldn’t contain his excitement when his foster mother surprised him with a new bed

It’s what this poor canine needs!

Meet Stevie, a blind dog, who had many difficulties in the past, but was saved by some rescuers and his life changed at once.

The poor animal stayed in a terrible condition for a long time, so he had a lot of health problems and half-blindness. But all these remained in the past when he met those who gave him the second chance at life.

Fortunately, the cutie was taken to a foster family, who supported him both physically and psychologically.

His foster parents succeeded to make his life better, because he was not the only one who was saved and cared by them. A great number of helpless creatures have stayed under their strong care and thanks to their great efforts they have overcome all the difficulties.

Stevie became healthy and strong again, but his heart was filled with much more happiness when his humans provided him with a modern bed. He couldn’t contain his excitement and started to jump crazily.

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