A Cat Who Likes Snow More Than Sour Cream and Chicken

Do your cats also know how to beg when they can’t get what they want? How do you deal with this interesting and difficult situation.

The cat named Deebs received a very controversial restriction. The vet forbade him to walk in the snow and then the owners of the cutie came up with something interesting. When Deebs was a little kitten he himself came to his owners. They were very delighted with the find and took the cat into their family. A few months later they began to notice how much Deebs loved to frolic in the snow. As soon as winter came the cat ran out to play with the snowflakes every day.

However, this harmed the cat’s health very much and he caught a very bad cold and the doctors forbade him to hypothermia. But the caring owners of Deebs have found a special way to please their pet. They brought a few shovels of snow into the house.

So, they built a special rug where the catty is happy to frolic in the snow and he gets a lot of positive emotions.

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