The most beautiful dog in the world: the dog attended shows and amassed many prizes

The easy going puppy, who adored his duplicate 

This is a Tibetian Mastiff named Xeno. The whole world has called this enormous dog «the most beautiful dog in the world». Xeno is from Romania. The most beautiful dog in the world is already four years old.

Xeno and his owners went to different nations and attended many shows and amassed 400 prizes in different categories. Although the dog weighs more than 100 kilograms, it’s personality doesn’t change.

Xeno has an easy going, sociable and affectionate disposition. The owners treat him as he was the apple of their eye. His owners spent a lot of money on food, toys and cosmetics.

And also the owner asked for his duplicate from a tree, which was the same size. The reason for this is unknown.

But the sweet puppy is also overjoyed with his duplicate. You won’t see such an adorable and unique dog every day. Nature can really amaze us.

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