The woman couldn’t stop thinking about the kitten with unusual paws, and as a result she made a quick decision

That’s what immediately caught the woman’s attention

Tarra is an animal lover, who has supported many stray animals, saving and taking them to shelters. But this case was a bit different.

Once she got a call from a man, who informed her about a litter of kittens, who belonged to his neighbour. The cuties needed to be adopted, so Tarra was the best option to save the problem.

When Tarra visited the family, she was attracted by the kittens, but one of them named Maxim captured the woman’s attention at once. The unusual big paws of the catty made her fall in love with him. That day, the woman thought only about Maxim and decided to visit them again.

When she arrived there, found out only her beloved one. Others had already been adopted. Only Maxim was waiting for his future owner impatiently, and she was not late.

Everything was ready for his adoption and the woman rushed to take him home and gave him what he needed. At first she took him to a vet for checkup, but luckily, the baby was completely healthy.

Maxim adapted to his new environment quickly and began to have a happy and carefree life with his beloved owner.

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