The rescued dog seemed to experience the same feelings when meeting a puppy with a similar past

It’s what bonded these two dogs!

Travia, a rescued puppy, was brought to the shelter some time ago after being found in a miserable condition. The poor animal had to wander on the streets to search for food or a place to stay.

While taking care of Travia, the staff remembered the rescue of a dog in a similar condition one year ago. Although Evan, the rescued dog, was adopted by a loving family, he always remains in the minds of the shelter workers.

It’s so difficult for them to see that the puppy had the same past as Evan, so they did their best to make his life better and happier.

Though Evan is now safe and protected, he visits the shelter frequently to meet his rescuers and friends.

When Evan first met Travia, something amazing arose between them at once. Maybe they found something in common which no one could understand. They became inseparable just from the first day of their meeting and continue to keep their strong friendship still now.

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