The staff was concerned about the rescued cat’s condition, but she was stronger than they imagined

What a brave personality!

When Hulu and her five kittens were brought to the shelter, they were not in good condition and needed support. But the mother’s condition was worse compared to others, so the staff was extremely concerned about it. They knew that she needed much more care and attention.

After receiving medical care for a few days, the cat showed positive changes in health. It amazed the vets because they didn’t expect that she could have such a wonderful result so quickly.

She started to gain weight and became stronger and healthier day by day.

Now the cutie feels great thanks to the much effort of the staff. They did their best to make her life better and they surely succeeded.

Although Hulu continues to receive medical treatment at the shelter, she never feels upset and accepts each support with happiness.

It’s so nice to see that there are such kindhearted people in our world, who are ready to support helpless animals, making their lives safe and protected.

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