The woman didn’t expect such a brave step from the stray cat, however she hurried to help

The cat had success due to her braveness

In order not to lose the moment, one should use the opportunity given by life.

An interesting story is waiting for you. It is about a little creature that appeared in right place at the right time. The heroine of the story works at delivery service and after doing her job that took only 5 minutes she saw a beautiful creature waiting for her.

She saw a little cat sitting in her car. At first she didn’t believe in her eyes. Then she realised that had left the windows a little bit open so the cat took its chance.

After realising that little courageous creature is of female gender she called her Athena. She was fascinated with the fact that the cat felt relaxed and it was love at first sight.

Athena was already bored to live in the streets and looked for a comfortable place where she would be in the centre of attention. She found it successfully. Now Athena lives her best life and has caring people next to her.

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