An Amur Tiger is Friends with German Shepherds in the Wildlife Park

In one of the wildlife parks in Senec, Slovakia Amur tigers live side by side with German shepherds and get along well with each other.

For example the tigress Suria and the tiger Sunny who are friends with the dogs Blackie and Jenny as well as their puppy Hugo live here.

In some photos we might get the feeling that an angry predator is about to eat the puppy but they are just playing in this way.

Surya is two years old and she has been living among shepherd dogs from the first day of her birth. She considers them to be her fellow tribesmen and the cute creature is very friendly with them.

The tiger cub Sunny is four months old and the cutie was brought here quite recently but the staff is sure that he will get used to the new living place very quickly and he will make friends with dogs as Suria did.

A photographer from Slovakia whose name is Lucy visits the park very often in order to photograph a tiger and dogs and tells that it is so pleasant to watch them.

The wildlife park was opened in 1999 and it is home to 28 tigers and almost all of them were born there.

The park functions as a shelter for rare Amur tigers which are on the verge of extinction.

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