The owner always has a spare room for those in need and her pets are willing to welcome newcomers

She is so kindhearted!

Maria is a kind and caring woman, who cannot stay indifferent about stray animals she comes across. Once she spotted a stray kitten in their neighbourhood and hurried to save him, because it’s obvious that he needed human care and support.

She was sure that her other pets would welcome the newcomer with happiness, so she brought the catty home without hesitation.

She named him Buddy and provided him with everything he needed.

Buddy was extremely happy to have a place where he could feel safe and protected. Now he didn’t need to wander on the streets in search of food and a safe place.

Some time later, another stray cat was found by the woman. There’s no need to say that he also joined in their family and adapted to his new environment easily.

Now all the cats live peacefully under the same roof and enjoy their time together.

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