Someone captured an amazing scene of a crazy bear having a rest on a couch like a human  

The bear’s human-like behavior blew up the Internet

We have heard many stories about animals who behave themselves like humans, however, it remains something extraordinary which doesn’t happen frequently.

When the photo of a bear sitting on a couch at a garbage dump in northern Manitoba was shared on social media, it went viral and attracted a great number of viewers.

The bear had been noticed there several times, but seeing how he was having a rest like a human was really fantastic.

He was sitting on the couch which had been thrown away, as if he was the boss of the area, while another bear was searching for food nearby.

The funniest thing about the scene was the TV set in front of the bear, which also had been thrown away. So it looked like the crazy animal was tired and resting, sitting cross-legged and human-like in behavior.

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