The doggy was abandoned by her owner and still cannot understand why

Her owner no longer wanted her, that was the bitter truth

There are lots of heartless people in our world, who abandon their pets without thinking about the consequences.

Meet Eva, an unlucky doggie, who was abandoned by her owner just in a grooming salon, cheating that he would return in a few hours.

Because its manager didn’t allow animals in, the workers had to keep the poor dog in the basement.

Her owner never came back and she stayed under the care of the salon staff. Luckily, they all were very kind and caring towards Eva and did their best to provide her with everything she needed.

But when the night came, the doggy had to stay in the basement all alone, because everyone went home.

It has lasted over three years and Eva continues to stay in the salon. The workers try hard to find a forever home for her, but they haven’t succeeded yet.

We hope that this sweetie will find a loving and caring family very soon and will get the life she deserves.

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