The man thought it was a usual day, but he came across a very touching scene on his way

The sad dog’s heart was filled with happiness

Graham Dobson was on his way to work as usual, when he spotted something awful, which made him moveless.

It was a poor doggy tied up on the road, whose eyes expressed pain and sadness. The kind man hurried to help him without hesitation. The cutie was confused and scared, maybe he had a very difficult life, but now it was time to give him a second chance at life.

For some time, the man waited next to the doggy in hope of seeing his owners, but useless, because no one came.

He was connected to a rescue group and informed them about the case. After some time the sweetie was taken to a shelter.

He was named Max and started a new carefree life next to kindhearted people. When the shelter staff posted his photo on social media with the intention of finding a forever home for him, many animal lovers reacted to it negatively, writing a lot of bad comments about his previous owners under the post.

However, the cute animal found a loving family quickly and started a happy life with his new human parents.

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