Cockatoo presents herself to a dog in a language she understands

Perhaps we have all knew about the talking cockatoo. Actually many big birds can pretend to sound everything they hear in their homes. For example you can take Einstein the talking parrot. The bird is so progressive in his conversation abilities, he can demand his loving meals, for example popcorn or pizza, he can dedicate loving words to his owner and also sing nursery rhymes.  

But not all parrots are similar to Einstein. Most of them can imitate other animals sounds. For example if they have grown together with other animals in one house, they will surely communicate with them in their language! 

Brandy has been lived with her family for the last 31 years. And when the family brought home a new puppy, the bird understood, that it should learn the dog’s language in order to communicate with him. They have been in that house for the last 2 years, Chou Chou was nearby and Brandy has learnt the dog’s language.  

If the bird wants to get attention of the dog, she came closer to the dog and strikes his nose. When the dog doesn’t look at her, she barks at Chou Chou! 

We didn’t know, if the dog understands the animals bark or not, but they seem to get along very well with each other.  


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