The volunteers arrived just in time to rescue the leftover puppies

Sweet puppies were discovered far away from the village

The story took place in Serbia when a young man was cycling outside the city and he found a small puppy. He immediately understood the puppy was abandoned, as he sat there and waited for someone far away from the nearest village.

The man understood he must call volunteers to come and assist him, as he couldn’t manage the situation by himself. He immediately called them and told the place where they were and what had happened.

Happily the volunteers came just on time and when the small puppy saw the cat she immediately went into the bushes and started barking with a few other puppies.

The puppies weren’t frightened of people, on the contrary they approached the volunteers to demonstrate their happiness. They behaved really well in the car and were polite.

All the puppies, that were discovered were females, only one of them was male. They will be ready for adoption after receiving treatment.


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