A distinctive kitten, that was different from the whole litter

An adorable crossed-eyed kitten with a great self-confidence 

A breeder named Maria Howard was happy to discover her cat named Marie delivered a whole litter consisting of seven kittens. But when they opened their eyes for the first time they saw, that all of them had squinted eyes.

The breeder noticed, that all other kittens’ eyes had recovered by the fourth week, only a kitten named Fluff hadn’t until around the sixth or seventh week.

Although having this issue, the kitty appeared not to worry at all and enjoy life. The kitty moves a little slower than the others because of his eyes, but he didn’t seem to mind.

He is extremely self-confident for a kitty with crossed eyes. The breeder shared Fluff’s photos on the Internet and many people adored him.

The surprising thing is that the kitty with crossed eyes was the first, who got used to the new surroundings and his siblings.

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