The dog’s disease became an advantage for him and made him quite popular  

Everyone is beautiful regardless of appearance 

You have probably heard about vitiligo, which is a skin disease and due to it the skin loses its pigment cells. It’s common both in humans and in animals.

Many suffer from this, but this case is a bit different.

Meet Blaze, a 10 years old sweet doggie, who has vitiligo but it never disturbs him to have a full life. He lives with his owner in Finland and enjoys a happy life with him.

He was born completely black, but then the color of his fur changed and now he looks different.

Although the doggie doesn’t look like as before, he remains active and energetic.

In this way, he also looks so attractive.

When his owner first posted a photo of him on Instagram, it went viral and people got attracted by him.

Here are some photos of this beauty. Enjoy them and say something about his look.

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