Heartwarming Hero: Vegan Delivery Dog Supports Shelter with Every Parcel Delivered

The well-known dog from the shelter, who supports 160 other dogs 🐕🥹

A caring dog was a vegan food delivery person to assist other animals at the animal shelter, where she lives. All the people, who heard her story on the Internet have been touched by it.

The sweet puppy named Any was from the Garritas Guerreras animal sanctuary and became well known by delivering food in her city to collect money.

Any has her own Doggie eats bag like any other delivery man and delivers vegan burgers.

Mexico is known to have the biggest number of stray dogs in Latin America and the shelters are trying to do everything to assist these animals, rescuing them and providing permanent or temporary shelter.

Sadly the shelters didn’t have much place and money to help all the homeless ones.

And one of such shelters is Garritas Guerreras and Any does every possible thing to support her brothers. She lives in the shelter with other 160 dogs, but as there isn’t enough money the management has forced to find the solutions.

So the shelter considered delivering vegan food to collect needed cash.

The sweet delivery dog is always with her handler, but it is her work to perfectly deliver the parcel.

One of the staff of the shelter posted on Facebook. She wrote, that the puppy supports 160 other dogs residing in the shelter by delivering vegan food and drinks. She asks people to support local businesses in their neighborhoods.

Any’s photos became well known on the Internet and she also liked being captured to show her talent.

Any has become a star on Instagram and has many followers from all the corners of the world.

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