The unfortunate animal appeared in a bad situation, but was rescued thanks to kind people

A poor dog was found in a hole and rescued 

The two men went for fishing, but they were able to rescue a puppy. They did their best, although they caught nothing.

They heard the poor animal’s voice when they moved past the hole.

When they heard the sound they looked down to see something, but there was very dark.

And when the men understood how bad the situation was they immediately called for help. And after just a few minutes the volunteers had already arrived at the place. The workers told, that the hole’s depth was almost four meters.

Happily they had all the needed equipment and they began their work just immediately. And after some time the dog was successfully removed from the home and he immediately started wagging his tail with happiness.

The sweet dog’s owners were also discovered. And after saving the puppy they considered filling the hole with a huge stone.

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