An inspirational story of a dog with a deformity, that has a happy life

In spite of being different from others, the dog managed to become an Internet star

The cute dog named Cooper has a life full of hard times and difficulties, that he encounters every day because of his unique deformity. His story is a real inspiration for people, because he didn’t give up because of his deformity.

Cooper was born on a puppy farm and lived a hard life. He was rescued by the volunteers and they didn’t even believe he could have survived.

Cooper is an American foxhound with an unusual disease, that has almost 30 dogs in the world. His illness is said to be caused by inbreeding, which is not allowed in dog houses.

He has a very unusual appearance. His spine is short and conjoined, so he seems to have no neck and lacks the middle of the spine. And because of this Cooper couldn’t move properly. And also his excretory system didn’t function well.

Cooper’s survival is a true miracle, but he won’t survive if he lacks proper treatment and care. He was taken to a shelter. He was adopted by several families, but none of them got used to his appearance. But happily, now he has a wonderful family. Cooper is adopted by Elly Keagans.

She took Cooper for treatment, as he had a serious infection and also broke a bone. But a true miracle occurred. Cooper was able to survive and is now healthy.

Now Cooper has a happy life and adores giving his owner kisses. Cooper is very sociable and has become a real superstar on the Internet. Although Cooper had a hard life, he was lucky to meet a loving family. There are many dogs, that couldn’t survive such conditions and we should love and treat them regardless of their condition.

Just look at the Cooper’s adorable video.

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