The wife of Tyrion from «Game of Thrones»: This is how movie star Dinklage well-known as Tyrian looks and lives now

Here is the wife and the daughter of Tyrion Lannister from «Game of Thrones»

The 52-year-old actor has gained overall fame and recognition for his role in the popular series and was adored by millions of viewers for not only his incredible talent, but also non-standard appearance. Believe it or not, the actor is 135 cm tall.

In 2005 the «Game of Thrones» star married theatrical director E. Schmidt whom he immediately fell in love with. Initially, they denied their romance, yet soon legitimized their relationship. They have happily been married for many years.

Unlike many viewers’ claims and predictions, they managed to find happiness and create an exemplary family.

The beautiful spouses have a child and are now fully engaged in their adorable daughter’s upbringing.

Have you watched the popular series? Did you like this character?

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