A new world record for puppies born at one time: 15 puppies at once

A dog mommy, who didn’t allow anyone to approach her puppies

Do you know the new world record for puppies born at one time?
It may amaze you although dogs are much like people, this isn’t a common thing.

They can deliver four to five times more than humans at once. The world record was 21 puppies. An interesting story happened in the UK recently. A dog delivered 15 puppies after 7 hours of trying.

The owner of the puppy named Eleanor Usher shared her story on the Internet. The dog is a Rottweiler named Jessie. Eleanor told, that Jessie was considered to deliver 6 to 8 puppies.

Everything went well, but on the morning of the due date, after delivering 6 puppies the dog still had pain. And during 7 hours another litter of 9 puppies was born. Jessie delivered almost 15 puppies. At first, Eleanor was perplexed for the puppies birth, but later she understood it was a big joy.

And later it became clear, that Jessie is a very loving and hard-working mother, who wants to look after her puppies all by herself, not allowing anyone to help with feeding and cleaning. Jessie didn’t like when anyone wants to approach her puppies and she is even ready to attack. This is not a problem for the Usher family.

Such an adorable Mummy! We hope she is well cared for to feed all of the hungry babies.

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