What Happened to the Bear Cub Mansur, Which Was Found At the Airfield 5 Years Ago 

Five years ago a bear cub came to the airfield. The people began to feed it, because it was lonely and defenseless. Soon the baby made friends with people and one fastidious local cat.

The pilots’ plan to send Mansur to a bear shelter turned out to be a failure – those animals that had attachment to people were not accepted there.

Trying to settle a plush companion in the zoo almost became an irreparable mistake. Then it was decided to leave everything as it was.

Mansur walked in the street and wandered around the neighborhood. When they tried to put it on a chain, it protested. The situation became easier after the bear moved to another airfield, to the Kaluga region. The place was specially arranged for the little bear and, for the safety of others it was surrounded by a fence. It feels comfortable there.

The pilots did not forget about the ward. Andrei Ivanov visits him very often. The bear has warm feelings for him and is always very happy to meet it.

The fate of the clubfoot creature touched Andrey so much that he plans to open a shelter for bears. Meanwhile, it is not an easy task to take care of this cutie.

So that he did not feel the need for anything, caring people started a YouTube channel, and also developed a website through which you can send donations for our younger brother.

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