The well-mannered pit bull, that waited patiently in a line with her owner

Everyone should learn to be patient and have good manners from the dog

The sweet pit bull was near her home when she hear the ice cream approach and she became completely happy.

The adorable puppy was very excited and she immediately ran towards the truck and waited patiently in like like other people and her owner was next to her. And she waited until her turn came, she approached to the window and when she got her ice cream, she ate it all and even wanted more.

She is very well-mannered and after swallowing the whole ice cream cone her brain froze.

Kids should behave like a sweet and patient dog.

The sweet puppy deserves an ice cream. She is very beautiful, especially her smile.

This pit bull is the most well-behaved dog on earth. All dogs are special, but she really deserves a prize.

Just look at her adorable video:

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