An adorable puppy learns to say thank you every time he was given a present

The puppy’s story became a true lesson for all of us

A sweet puppy named Alexander waited for a long time to be adopted. And happily, after 477 days he was successfully adopted.

His tale started when a rescue team rescued him from a bad shelter. He was very weak and his life was endangered at that time. The vet’s immediately treated Alex and he was taken to the new shelter in Wags and Walks. And there he started a new life.

What a sweet gentleman!

Alex is now three years old. He is a mixture between a shepherd and a Doberman. Now Alex is almost 80 pounds and he appears to be very strong. He is very smart and obedient. The caregiver described the puppy and told, that he often assists her and knows how to say thank you when he was presented with a gift.

All the visitors of the shelter could say, that Alex is a very loving puppy with a sweet wagging tail. He is always very sociable with other puppies and people.

Surprisingly thousand of people went to the shelter, but no one wanted to take Alex. Almost 800 puppies were taken from the shelter during 15 months, besides Alex. And the fact makes everyone heartbroken.

But his life changed on the 27th of January. The puppy appeared to get used to his new family really quickly.

The story became popular with many likes and comments. The story is a true lesson for all of us: If you wait patiently, you will get the needed results.

Thank you for adopting the sweet puppy. It is a true joy, that Alex has discovered his caring family after staying in the shelter for a long time.

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