«She said NO to being a fat bride!»: The incredible transformation of this overweight girl became the subject of discussions

The fantastic makeover of this overweight girl serves as a brilliant example for millions

It stands to reason that any desirable changes concerning our appearance are not easily achieved. In order to become a better version of ourselves, one should keep a strict regime, radically change his or her lifestyle and never lose the hope.

Here is 28-year-old S. Matheson who, in pursuit of gaining a «dream» body. has attempted to lose weight multiple times, yet she lacked strong willpower and determination.

Everything has radically changed when her boyfriend proposed to her and she didn’t want to be fat anymore. Initially, she weighed 280 pounds and nearly no garment fitted her well.

The first thing Sophie did was to find a personal trainer and started to attend the gym three times a week. She became self-disciplined and began to regularly follow a healthy diet.

She gave her preference to healthy food such as vegetables, fruit, eggs, grain and oats.

And here she is after three months of hard and diligent work. How amazing!

She fulfilled her cherished dream and became a nice-looking bride for her groom.

Now, she was endlessly happy that she could buy and wear whatever was close to her heart without being afraid that clothes couldn’t fit her well.

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