At first, the man thought the goose wanted to attack the dog, but seconds later a miracle happened

She knew how to comfort her new friend

If you want to see an example of true friendship, enjoy this story about two different creatures, who have found something in common.

We have seen many cases when different species have built strong companions without even paying attention to their differences. This one is no exception.

These adorable photos became Internet sensations and it’s not surprising because they warm people’s hearts, even making them cry.

This caring goose welcomed her new canine friend into her arms to warm and comfort him.

The scene was captured by a man, who first thought the goose wanted to attack the doggie, but seconds later he witnessed the most exciting scene ever. The cute goose strongly hugged the stray doggie with her wings.

They both were adopted together by a loving family and got a chance to enjoy each other’s company ever since.

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